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6 tips for choosing the best bathroom accessories

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Choosing the right bathroom accessories can make your bathroom amazing. It will make the look of the room attractive and pleasant. There is nothing better to do than build the bathroom that you like the most.

How to choose PVC pressure pipes

The PVC pipe pressure is plastic, strong and durable employed to install supply systems, water supply pipes or sanitation. These pipes allow you to transport water under pressure for food or agricultural use, being an excellent solution for your domestic plumbing work. Do you need a facet on the facade to water the garden? Do you want to place a sink in your garage workshop? We tell you how to choose the perfect PVC pressure pipes for these jobs (and many more) from fittings distributor malaysia.

What are pressure PVC pipes: characteristics, advantages and regulations

These pipes are made with a type of plastic called Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC), through an extrusion process. In the liquid state, the PVC resin is introduced into a nozzle with an annular section: the extrusion achieves that the thickness is homogeneous and regular throughout the pipe section. The advantages that these pipes provide in plumbing jobs (domestic or professional) are several:

 Total tightness in the transport of water under pressure

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Immediate commissioning after installation
  • They make repairs in old works easier
  • They are very affordable

Its internal surface, completely smooth, prevents the formation of encrustations

The standard that regulates pressure PVC pipes is the UNE-EN ISO 1452 standard, relative to “Pipeline systems in plastic materials for conducting water and for buried or air pressure sanitation. Non-plasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) ”, published in September 2010. It is advisable to always choose pressure PVC pipes in accordance with the UNE standards: this will ensure that they will be able to withstand continuous work for more than 50 years.

How to choose PVC pipes according to their use

At the domestic (non-industrial) level, pressure PVC pipes are used to assemble water supply and distribution networks, irrigation systems, agricultural facilities and sanitation networks.

The pressure PVC pipes used for supply and distribution, irrigation and agricultural facilities are similar, with no difference between those that are going to be used for food use (drinking water) and those that are not. The diameters range from 16 mm to 630 mm and can be installed with glued or elastic joints, although the most common are glued ones.

The PVC pipe pressure as part of the sewer have diameters of up to 1000 mm and can be used either aerially as buried. In this case, the elastic joint (which we will see below) guarantees greater tightness.

A very interesting characteristic of pressure PVC pipes is their resistance to the action of chlorine and chlorinated products. For this reason, they are perfect for mounting water supply systems for swimming pools. The usual diameter in these facilities is 50 mm, although the largest vessels (Olympic swimming pools, campsites…) can carry 63 mm diameter pipes. 

How to choose pressure PVC pipes according to the type of union

One of the most compelling advantages of pressure PVC pipes is, without a doubt, their easy assembly. You will not need special tools or expensive materials to set up a home network, with all the watertight guarantees.

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