Childhood Traditional Nostalgic Game


If we recall our childhood, we would gather every evening on the field, yard or playground to play with friends.


Although the games played back then were not as sophisticated as the games on children’s gadgets nowadays, they were still entertaining and fun as well as the most beautiful memories for us, right?


Improve Gaming Skills While Playing

There are many traditional games that we played in ancient times involving large limbs i.e. hands, feet and whole limbs. These include crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, throwing, catching, chasing, pulling, pushing and so on. Unbeknownst to us, in fact, all these movements further strengthen the stability and balance of all our limbs as well as improve gross motor skills or better known as ‘gross motor skills’.


Some games require small limb movements such as the wrists and fingers while playing. Through the game, fine motor skills or ‘fine motor skills’ can be honed and improved.


Top Traditional Games That Should Be Played Again With Children or By Myself 

Here is a list of some traditional games that have many childhood memories. This game should be played with children or replayed with them. 


  1. Ting-ting 

As we all know, tingting is a traditional game that has been popular since time immemorial.


Playing tingting can improve children’s gross motor skills as well as strengthen their muscles because they need to control and balance their body to jump into the tingting boxes without falling.


  1. Rat Jump or Lompat Tikus

This rat jumping game requires running, jumping and even crawling to overcome obstacles in the hands and feet of two playmates.


Through the movements in this game, it can indirectly improve the child’s gross motor skills.


  1. Rubber Jump or Lompat Getah 

The jump across the rubber band chain at a low level is indeed a relief. When the height is increased, we can figure out the best ways to do the jump on the chain of the rubber band. Sometimes we have to run from a distance to get a high jump impact to get past the rubber band.


Definitely fun if we can play this rubber jumping game with the kids. The movements in this game can train the child’s gross motor skills and help the child to build more robust muscles.


If we used to use rubber band chains to play rubber jumping, now children can play rubber jumping by using ‘skipping rope’.


  1. Konda Kondi 

The konda kondi game requires high focus as well as good hand and eye coordination to pick up the child’s stick using the mother’s stick and run while chasing the thrown stick before catching the stick.


We are definitely happy to see the fun of children playing this traditional game because indirectly it can strengthen their gross motor skills.


  1. Datuk Harimau, What Time Is It? Or Pukul Berapa Datuk Harimau 

Do we still remember the pulling scene of our friend and our friend’s shirt when chased by ‘the tiger’ in this ‘What time is Datuk Harimau’ game? Eventually when one of our friends misses his grip, we will all run away. Although the throbbing always grips the chest for fear of being caught by the ‘tiger’, this game is still fun!


This game involves the active movement of children by running, chasing and catching their friends while being able to further improve the child’s gross motor skills.


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