How to Beat the Odds at the Casino?

Let’s try to beat the casino and yes even the online casinos

1. Identify the clumsiest dealers.

There are figures of less than 100 blackjack card qualified counters around the world. You could have a 1.5% advantage if you happen to be one of these. Save energy, Zender recommends; instead keep an eye on the lame blackjack dealer who flashes his face-down card accidentally. Zender once made a living by holding a notebook of 35 bad dealers from 16 casinos. The technique is called “card holing,” which can give the house six to nine percent. (The best part?) (Is like standing before a twenty-first ATM!), “It is completely legal. “It may throw me out of the casino, but I won’t be arrested”.

2. Keep your eyes on the prize.

In recent days, casinos have had sex with bikini dealers and resident polo dancers in their table games. They look like the vegas is Vegas— a drink, a sin, a face. These areas are called party pits. Yet look more in-depth. While you are busy with all those spinning hands, you probably won’t notice the casino and video poker cut the payouts from 3/2 to 6/5. So a bet of 100 dollars will only earn 120 dollars, compared to traditional 150 dollars. It literally twice the edge of the house.

3. Know when to say when.

At the roulette or online roulette, the house always has a 5% margin. You’ve got a decent opportunity to win the first round. And the other. And the third. And the sixth. But the house would strip all of your chips off if you were to be a roulette forever. The points where they are guaranteed a win have been determined by every casino, and the magic is 30 000 hands. (Therefore with lobster and luxurious suites they tempt us back.) So if you win, stop.

4. Exploit the laws of nature.

A stationary device is the roulette wheel. With time, it can be wear and tear on the wheel or the frets between the numbers. The more you use a drum, the more you get worn down, and the more numbers. In 1873 Joseph Jagger discovered a crooked wheel and bet on the skewed figures at Monte Carlo. He got $400,000–$7.8 million in dough today!