How Well Is The Cryptocurrency Industry Thriving?

Latest crypto news

         In today’s timeline, cryptocurrency has become one of the most invested platforms ever. Thanks to its emergence that happened decades ago. This bitcoins or some might be called as a digital token has an impact on the global economy status due to its potential that it can profit the investor more than they have invested on. 

           In the year of 2020 the latest crypto news was released that bitcoin has the ability to stimulate the growth of our economy. But as for the most important thing, in the year of 2020, one whole world was hit by the covid-19 disease that wiped out half of the population of mankind. Not only did it cost a high death rate, but it also caused many businesses to go downhill, due to it’s worsen state of economy where the government released restriction orders and curfew from banning people from meeting each other and also, trying to minimize the contact of covid-19 disease from spreading. 

But what did these things lead to? The drop of our economic growth. Many retail businesses, corporate businesses, shareholders and investors had lost their shares and gone through failure in the year 2020. But thanks to the cryptocurrency, businesses that did invest on these bitcoin platforms were able to escape the misfortune that fell on the vast majority of people. 

        Even in the year of 2020, the latest news of crypto did take many people by surprise, for it’s economic blow that made it cash flow into digital assets and turbocharging prices. Many who had partake in this crypto platform did reap the benefit in the year 2020. It was reported that in the year of 2020, the cryptocurrency market hit about 305% in the market and hit the jackpot again the following year with another 60% of its profit. This calculation of these percentages accumulated to about $68,000 in that year. 

         As for the year of 2021, it has been stated that there is some increase in the cryptocurrencies market as about 190 million to be recorded in the market.  In addition, to elaborate this claim, it also stated that the profit that reached about $ 2.3 trillion is a result from the $800 million betting that led to this big amount of money in the year of 2021. With that being said, it was also highlighted that the year 2021 is also the year where investors and marketers have seen the high and low in bitcoin prices. But with that being said, no matter how much of an increase that it shows in the bitcoin prices, there is also many chances that this index would fall and cost a major loss to many cryptocurrency platforms such as the Ethereum, Dogecoin and many. 

      Thanks to the celebrity and public figures such as Elon Musk and many more out there who have been investing and long standing in this cryptocurrency industry, that has made this platform a popular industry in the year of 2021 and have made many people pay attention to its potential.