Switching from Shared Hosting to VPS

Are you familiar with VPS and shared hosting? Even if you have already acquired the best website hosting service in Malaysia, and have been a website owner for many years now, it’s still possible that you are not yet familiar with the many types of web hosting services. Don’t worry, these things are really confusing at first, most especially if you don’t have any background on tech. Reading more about it would help you in the long run, though.

Here’s an expert web hosting tip for you. If you have been utilizing a shared hosting plan only because it’s the most affordable, easiest option, then maybe it’s time for you to switch to a VPS plan. When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on hosting reviews Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting plans?

Shared hosting is the plan many website owners want to avail at first because it’s affordable. This is when a physical server from anywhere hosts 1 to hundreds of other websites in the same exact space. All of these websites share the resources of the server, including bandwidth and storage.

That means that if one website on the server has huge surge in traffic, or manages plenty of apps and graphics, it will likely use everything up more than the fair share of all resources, affecting others negatively.

So, how different is VPS hosting?

Well, just like shared hosting, several other users all share a single physical server. However, unlike shared web hosting, every website is allotted its own share of bandwidth and data no one else can use. Basically, the server is divided into dozens of compartments, and every one individually operates from the rest, like a little dedicated server.

Is it time to shift to VPS?

  • Your web pages are lagging. If your visitors are regularly complaining that the elements are not functioning well, and the web pages are not loading quickly, then it’s time for an upgrade.
  • You are expecting a significant increase in traffic. Usually, when a website is just starting out, traffic is slow and low.
  • Your website needs more security